Digital Audio Recorders

Digital Voice Recorder Kit


  • USB Transfer of Files
  • 256 Hours Record Time
  • No Special Software Needed

ACT 3185 Kit Includes:

  • Olympus Portable Recorder
  • TP-8 Telephone Pickup
  • Pelican Case

ACT 3184 (recorder only) $ 99.00
ACT 3185 (kit) $ 159.00

Telephone Pick Up TP8

  •  Record all of your telephone conversations
  •  Great for all branches of law enforcement
  •  Connects to most recorders
  •  Picks up both sides of telephone conversation
  •  Use with analog or digital cell phones
  •  Easy to use

ACT TP8 $ 30.00
ACT TP8-10 (QTY. 10) $ 250.00

ACT offers numerous Digital Audio Recorders. 

Our most popular digital recorder is the Olympus Digital Recorder. 

USB Transfer of Files

256  Hours Record Time

No Special Software Needed


The WS-822 features two internal directional condenser microphones, achieving the best ever quality in sound recording for this series. An impressive array of playback functions; including the improved Voice Balance, Voice Playback and Transcription Mode. As with all our WS recorders, the WS-822 boasts direct connect USB connection, calendar search function, and plenty of memory with microSD card slot for expandable memory.

ACT has a package deal which comes with an Olympus Digital Recorder, Telephone Pickup, and Pelican Storage Case.