Tactical Audio Kits

Listen Through Walls with the Tactical Audio Kit

The TAK kit is designed for tactical situations including hostage taking, barricaded subjects, bomb squads and terrorism.


TA-17 Fully Automated Stereo Amplifier
SWS Three mode silent wall scanner
PTM-22 Push Through Microphone
PM-ITK Probe Microphone with Installation Tool Kit
UDM-23A Under Door Microphone
CM-16 Small Contact Microphone
CM-30 High Output Wide Band Contact Microphone
EM-8 Room Microphone (best intelligibility)
EC-100 Universal Extension Cable
R-10 High Efficiency Closed Headphones

TAK (TAK Mono, no recorder) $ 3,685.00
TAK/NRS (TAK Stereo, no recorder) $ 4,210.00
TAK/RS2 (TAK Stereo with CF Recorder)$ 4,725.00

Stereo Accelerometer Kit

Listen Through Walls, Floors, and Ceilings without Penetrating the Space

The SAK (non-invasive) audio recovery kit has everything you require to quickly deploy a through-the-wall listening system. The system is tuned perfectly for maximum voice intelligibility and stereo imaging.


TA-17 Fully Automated Stereo Amplifier
SAI-26 Ultra Low Noise Electronic Interface
RSS Accelerometers created for Optimum Voice Detection
MS-RSS Mounting Stud with Self Drilling Screw
SWS Three Mode Silent Wall Scanner
QZ-5 High Intelligibility Closed Microphones

SAK $ 3,475.00
APAK (TAK & SAK Combo Kit) $ 5,975.00