FreedomView® LED Fiberscope

Freedomview ™ Fiber Optic Scope is ideal for:   

  • Special Ops 
  • Bomb Squads
  • Highway Interdiction
  • Narcotics Units
  • Search Warrants
  • Border Patrol

The Freedomview™ fully portable fiberscope offers the user a 3 Watt LED Light Source built directly into the lightweight ergonomic aluminum handle.  The light source is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries for long life and ease of use. 

The Freedomview ™ fiberscope is ideal for search and rescue, hidden compartment searches including gas tanks, contraband locations, pre-entry intelligence, and much more.  Compatible with night vision and camera equipment.  Two-Way articulation of tip permits full view of scenario.

Each Freedomview ™ Fiber Optic Scope Kit includes:

  • Fiberscope
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • AC/DC Charger
  • Operator Manual
  • Pelican Carry/Storage Case.

FV640 Kit with 40” Shaft    $6,495.00
FV660 Kit with 60” Shaft    $7,495.00
FV680 Kit with 80” Shaft    $8,495.00

The ultimate visual inspection tool, FreedomView® Fiberscope enables the inspection professional to get the job done safely and efficiently.

• Sleek, state-of-the-art hand-held unit fully integrated with all controls (on/off switch, light intensity, tip articulation) & LED light source. Handle size accommodates all users
• Superior LED light source offering powerful 5500 Kelvin Sunlight for exceptional visibility
• No bulb replacement necessary
• Lightweight, highly mobile design (under two pounds)
• Easily portable, carry-on case for travel
• Video/digital camera compatible
• ESD Common Point Ground
• 1-year warranty on scope
• 3-year warranty on LED light source


Look under a door

Look in an air vent