Guard Dawg™ Surveillance System

Protecting a job site without having any
worries of equipment or materials be stolen.
THE GUARD DAWG™ service will call you if a
wireless trigger (below) is tripped.

THE GUARD DAWG (Silver Package) ……………… $ 2,545.00

GUARD DAWG Unit with Keychain Remote, Indoor Motion Detector, One Year of Service, and Pelican Storage Case

THE GUARD DAWG (Gold Package) ………………$ 3,645.00

Silver Package plus the 10 foot LOOP, AMPS Package, and Rattler Vibration Sensor

THE GUARD DAWG (Platinum Package) ………………$ 4,995.00

Gold Package plus Outdoor Motion Sensor, extra Keychain Remote, and remote Siren/Strobe (Wireless)

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ACT now offers the The Guard Dawg™ Surveillance System.  This is a great unit for meth labs.  It allows you to know when someone enters a location by calling you on your cell phone allowing you time to respond and catch the bad guy in action.

Protect Anything …
It’s the most powerful wireless money can buy with a half mile range. THE GUARD DAWG can protect anything indoors or outdoors. This unit is tamper proof with no phone line to cut. From motion to vibration the triggers will protect your property and equipment.

The wireless network covers 95% of the cellular service areas in the United States and Canada, with no roaming, no long distance, and no cell phone charges.
That is what makes THE GUARD DAWG™ 100% wireless. No phone lines to cut.


THE GUARD DAWG™ service will call you if a wireless trigger (below) is tripped. If you have ever been robbed, you know you want protection NOW! NOW means RIGHT NOW! No waiting. NO hassles.

Take Control. When a trigger has been activated a service will call you and inform you.