High Cut Helmet with Rails

  • Durable and water/chemical/UV resistant
  • Secured to position with an easy to adjust ergonomically designed locking system
  • Internal cushion, for added comfort and security
  • Made of impact-absorbing memory foam that creates beathable impact buffer and is resistant to environmental factors
  • Fits well with noise-cancelling headsets and other communication equipment
  • The external rail provides flexibility for additional equipment

ACT Valor Helmet - Level IIIA  $ 320.00

(Available in OD Green or Black)

F-27 Helmet


  • Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA
  • Made of woven poly-aramid
  • Special cut in the back for prone firing
  • Three-point chin strap with survival buckle
  • Patented ASORB system reduces residual force of ballistic impact
  • Meets USMIL standard 662

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