Tactical Entry Tools

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  • Monoshock - Thunderbolt Ram

    The flagship of the Dynamic Entry® tool line, our Monoshock Ram™ is the expert breachers’ entry ram of choice.

  • Twin Turbo Ram

    This two-man entry ram features the identical manufacturing standards of our legendary MonoShock Ram™.

  • Thor's Hammer

    Thor’s Hammer™ has earned a solid reputation among breaching teams as a versatile addition to the standard battering ram design.

  • Hallagan Tools

    The Hallagan tool has been a standard entry tool for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue professionals for almost 75 years.

  • Break-N-Rake Tool

    Specifically engineered for window entries.

  • Backpack Entry Kit

    Dynamic Entry’s Tactical Backpack Series™ has become the standard for law enforcement and military agencies throughout the world.

For the law enforcement professional, BLACKHAWK!'s line of Dynamic Entry tools include bolt cutters, hallagan tools and battering rams for police and tactical situations.