Tactical Entry Backpack Kit

The standard for most breaching operations, the Tactical Backpack Kit features the following:

• Specifically heat treated cutting edges finest available anywhere
• For use on security chains, chain link fences and non-case hardened locks
• Handles electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC

• Sure-Grip handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC
• Handle will not absorb glass shards and is self-extinguishing
• Drop forged, high carbon steel head
• Maul combines axe and sledge into one compact tool

• Both non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC
• Features a fork and horn end for prying and breaching
• Handles will not absorb glass shards and are self-extinguishing
• Ergonomically designed handle reduces the possibility of the operator's hands slipping onto the working ends of the bar
• In conjunction with any of the ThunderSledge series, the horn is effective for breaching padlocks

• Securely carries the SOHT or SOB, ThunderMaul, or Mini ThunderSledge, and BoltMaster
• Constructed of 1000 denier NyTaneon® nylon
• Individual pouches and retention straps for each tool
• Fully adjustable chest and waist straps

Available in several configurations.

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Since their introduction five years ago, Dynamic Entry’s Tactical Backpack Series™ has become the standard for law enforcement and military agencies throughout the world. From the original Tactical Backpack Kit to our new Modular Backpack™, Dynamic Entry® provides operators in the field with mission specific tooling options to best meet their tactical entry needs.